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Monday, July 8, 2013

Leo Love Horoscopes 2014

Fantasy will become a major part of life of the Leos in 2014. However, avoid over fantasizing over things that might spoil your actual love life. For those Leos, whose relationship has already gone bitter, some sense of relief is predicted in the months of March and April. Traveling for work might bring a colleague of the opposite sex closer to these people.

According to Leo Love Horoscopes 2014, these people will have to be a little more open to express their feelings for the one they secretly admire. These people will be found attractive by almost everyone in the office due to their amiable personality. Choosing the right partner will be very tricky for the Leos out of a number of good proposals for marriage.

Try to be more experimental in love rather than just sticking to the old is gold formula and check out the magic your love life will face due to this experiment. On the other hand, don’t be an object of seduction for people of opposite sex; use your mind before heart before going ahead in any love commitment in the coming year.

Leos are going to be highly compatible with Taureans, Pisceans and Capricorn people in the year 2014. Don’t go for love union with people belonging to zodiac signs like Libra, Cancer and Gemini. Romance will take a back sight in the months of October and November as work pressure is going to be higher in these months and you won’t get much time to spend with your partner.